Blessed are the humble of heart;
they will receive the land that God has promised.”

Matthew 5:5

Central to the Pillar of Spirituality:

• The mission of the Farm as well as our missionary community is established and remains firmly grounded in and through our relationship with Christ

• We desire to grow in knowledge and practice of Gospel values

• We attempt to make connections between our faith in God, life in community, and our commitments to service and simplicity

• We model prayer and spirituality for our children, particularly through our full, active, and conscious participation in the established prayer structure of the Farm

• We encourage the development of additional prayer opportunities based on the unique charisms and interests of our community members

Spirituality is the basis and heart of our community life. Missionaries come to the Farm to personally develop their relationships with God and to share their unique spirituality with one another. All missionaries are asked to participate in the established community. The foundation of our community is based on our shared prayer life and spirituality. When facing hardships in relationships with others and in our work, our community prayer life serves as a source of strength to resolve difficulties. In order to share our gifts and serve others in the missionary community and the larger community around us, we must nourish ourselves individually and as a community with prayer.

Missionaries are asked to make community prayer commitments before arrival. All missionaries gather at 6:00 a.m. to pray the Liturgy of the Hours or celebrate a Communion Service each weekday morning with the house parents, house helpers, Franciscan Sisters and children in our chapel. Individuals take turns offering personal reflections and additional spiritual readings of choice as part of the Morning Prayer. The entire Farm community attends Mass on Sundays in Trujillo and participates in a communion service in our chapel two mornings a week in place of the Liturgy of the Hours. Community night is an opportunity for missionaries to pray together, reflect, and discuss. Missionaries take turns leading community night and can choose the topic of discussion. The success of the missionary community relies on the commitment by all missionaries to participate fully in these spiritual activities.

The missionary community is welcome to complement these established prayer commitments with other prayer times that occur on the Farm. For some examples, at different times missionaries have organized holy hour, centering prayer, lectio divina, or evening prayer. Women from the local villages and the Farm gather weekly to discuss the challenges of the Gospel in their lives.