A community is not simply a group of people who
live together and love each other.It is a place of resurrection,
a current of life, one heart, one soul, one spirit.”

Community and Growth, Jean Vanier

Central to the Pillar of Community:

• We live together under one roof, sharing house responsibilities and participating in house activities, such as: community nights, business meetings, and community prayer times

• We seek to accept, challenge, respect, care, and above all pray for one another

• We are committed to attending and supporting the larger Farm community activities

• We are a faith-based community that finds our identity in Catholic Tradition and culture

• We desire to confront difficulty in community with healthy communication, forgiveness, and the love that Christ models for each one of us

• We acknowledge and uplift the unique and particular God-given abilities of each community member, encouraging their use for the common good of the entire community

Missionaries at Farm of the Child come together in community because they feel called to live together, pray together, share in each other’s lives and work together to respond to the needs of the poor, most especially the children of Honduras. All missionaries live together in a Catholic faith-based community. The success of the community depends on each individual’s commitment to accept, challenge, respect, and care for one another. Communal life requires that its members share in house responsibilities and participate in the established house activities, business meetings, community prayer times, and the larger Farm community activities. Living and working so closely with others can be difficult at times, but through effort, dedication, good communication, perseverance, and love, community life can be a nurturing environment and an enriching experience for its members.

The individuals that are a part of the community make it what it is; together they work to set the guidelines and expectations. Community members are all asked to commit to the same basic ideals and to follow the basic guidelines. However, each member has different ways of participating in community life and each brings meaningful gifts to the community as a whole.

Each missionary works to clean the house and prepare meals. Missionaries commit to sharing meals together in the missionary house, praying together daily and participating in a weekly community night that includes dinner, personal sharing and an hour of reflection and discussion. The group may decide upon additional community activities.