The Impact of Serving as a Missionary
Is Truly Immeasurable.

Each year, the Farm of the Child attracts international missionaries who make either a 2½ year or a 1½ year commitment of service to the Farm of the Child. They come from all different walks of life in order to serve in a variety of functions such as administration, accounting, social work, pastoral ministry, teaching, medicine, maintenance and community outreach. Before arriving at the Farm, missionaries attend language school in Guatemala for two months. Once they arrive at the Farm, missionaries live together and are guided by the four pillars of community, spirituality, simplicity and service. Each day at the Farm our missionaries:

  • Live in community with other faith-filled missionaries
  • Engage in a strong, Catholic spiritual environment
  • Share their life with beautiful Honduran children
  • Serve in medicine, education, social work, construction/maintenance, administration or pastoral ministry

As of January, 2016, there are 6 missionary positions that have not been filled.  Missionary applications will continue to be reviewed for these positions until the positions are filled.  These positions include:

  • Social Worker (2 openings)
  • Psychologist (2 openings)
  • English Teacher (1 opening)
  • Medical Professional / Nurse or Doctor (1 opening)

Join the Farm of the Child family and embark on an adventure of love!  Download the application for more information, or call 727.475.4459.