The Farm of the Child is a Labor of Love Dedicated to Poor, Orphaned and Neglected Honduran Children.

Jose was malnourished and withdrawn when he came to live at the Farm. Now he is happy, healthy, and full of life.

Motivated by love for Christ and the desire to follow God’s will, Vincent and Zulena Pescatore founded the first Farm of the Child in the remote rainforests of El Petén, Guatemala in 1987. After establishing an orphanage, medical clinic, and school in El Petén, Vincent and Zulena felt they were being called to begin an orphanage in Honduras. In 1993, they began construction outside of the town of Trujillo on the northern coast of Honduras. After the tragic death of Vincent in a plane crash in 1996, Zulena assumed the role as leader, with the aid of others dedicated to the project, to carry on the mission. The Farm is currently run by a lay missionary Director, Ysmary Trejo, in conjunction with a team of three Franciscan Sisters of the Assumption and a community of international lay missionaries.

The Farm of the Child makes a huge difference in the lives of orphaned and abandoned children.

Founded by lay Catholic missionaries, the project is currently managed by a committed Catholic lay program director and a Central American order of Franciscan Sisters in conjunction with a team of international missionaries, who are primarily from the United States and Central America. Farm of the Child Honduras (Finca del Niño) cares for 50 orphaned children, ranging in age from 3 to 23 years, in family-style homes for children and in independent living homes for adolescents; educates over 100 children from both the Farm and local villages in its primary school and junior high school; provides health care to hundreds of campesinos from the neighboring villages, serves the spiritual needs of the community, and responds to the needs of the local villagers through various outreach efforts.

Jose was malnourished and withdrawn when he came to live at the Farm. Now he is happy, healthy, and full of life.

Many of the children who arrive at The Farm of the Child suffer from malnutrition, intestinal parasites and other health problems, have had little or no schooling, have experienced considerable emotional trauma, and lack love and affection. At the Farm they receive a loving home, a good education, regular physical and psychological health care, and ongoing instruction in the Catholic faith. We provide a home-like environment, based on the model of the Holy Family, in which the children can grow, learn respect for others, and become happy members of a loving family.  In addition to providing for the basic needs of these children, we offer a chance for secondary education so that they have the opportunity for a fulfilling life, the ability to support themselves and their families as adults, and can affect change in their impoverished society.  We will be celebrating our 20th Anniversary this year, which marks twenty years of providing a loving, supportive environment for these 50 children.  The fruits of our efforts are apparent in the formation of our very first children as they flourish as young adults.