A Reflection: An Invitation to Forgive & to Love


How magnificent is our Heavenly Father, inviting us to share in His divine mercy!  This Lenten season of the Jubilee Year of Mercy is a special time to celebrate and experience His mercy. How? By meditating on His word, to know how much He loves us; by receiving the sacrament of reconciliation so that we may have interior peace; by opening our hearts to those who live in suffering, rejecting the indifference that isolates us from our brothers and sisters in need.  Mercy invites us to forgive and to love without limits.  Let us begin this journey today – a journey that leads us to new life, and to a renewal of both mind and heart!  – Sister Eneida Euceda


Sister Eneida Euceda moved to the Finca in January, 2016, and is serving as the Coordinator of Family Life at Finca del Niño.  Sor Eneida knows the heart of the mission firsthand, as she was Vincent Pescatore{s spiritual director when he and Zulena lived at the Finca before his death in 1996.  

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