Embracing Phase II at the Finca

The Murillo Family

My name is Jennifer, and this year, I have graduated from 9th grade, together with Jose Daniel.  9th Grade has not been an easy year for me – especially in science!  This year, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about where I want to study for high school, and what I want to major in.  I’ve decided to move forward studying “Informatica”, which is “Computer Science”, and I will study at ITDES, which is “Instituto Técnico Departamental Espíritu del Siglo”.  I have lived at the Finca for 13 years.  Living at the Finca has been very good for me, because to me, the Finca has been like my second family.  Since I’ve graduated from 9th grade, I’ve now moved up to be part of “Phase 2” at the Finca.

Phase 2 is when a student like me moves up from “escuela” to “colegio”, and in “colegio” focuses on a specific degree before moving on to university.  My time in Phase 1 was very good, especially because I graduated with high grades.  My hope for the future is to graduate from college as one of the top of my class.  I hope to be the best that I can be for the Finca, because it is thanks to Finca del Niño and to our donors that I have been given an opportunity to graduate from 9thgrade and to pursue my career and future university studies.  Beginning Phase 2 is like taking a step closer to my life as an independent adult, and I will try to be a good example to the other children at the Finca!

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