Security Incident | May 21, 2015


[Updated 7.7.15]  On Thursday, May 21, 2015, at 12:15pm, two United States citizens, personnel of the Farm of the Child orphanage in Trujillo, Honduras, were assaulted and robbed by unknown assailants near the residential community of Tres Conchas. The Finca personnel were evaluated for injuries and released by medical professionals in Trujillo, before returning to the United States to receive further care.  The incident occurred away from the Finca, and no other Finca staff, missionaries, or children were in harm’s way.

An investigation with local authorities began immediately to identify the assailants, and within 36 hours, both offenders were placed in the custody of Honduran police, and positively identified by the victims.  Farm of the Child USA leadership is working with local and national law enforcement, the local Catholic diocese and with the U.S. State Department, to assess security risks for Finca children and personnel, some of whom are also US citizens.  Counseling and other resources are being made available to the Finca personnel and children.

 Dr. Nicholas St. Ores, Vice President of the Farm of the Child USA board shared this statement on behalf of the board: “The leadership of the Farm of the Child USA wishes to extends its sorrow to the innocent victims of this assault and asks for the prayers of the international community for our Finca staff and children. The local authorities have responded aggressively and have apprehended two suspects. At this time, we reaffirm our dedication to the mission of the Finca del Nino and appreciate the prayerful response to this crisis. Our mission is based on a belief that by working to be God’s hand in this world we can instill a culture of life among the neglected children we serve at the Finca del Nino.”

 The mission of Farm of the Child is to care for and improve the physical, educational, spiritual and social needs of orphaned, abandoned and neglected children of Honduras so that they may become productive, Christian members of Honduran society. Farm of the Child is an orphanage, Catholic school, medical clinic and community outreach program serving one of the poorest regions in the western hemisphere.

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Nicholas St. Ores

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